Electronic component testing and certification

The electronics sector is worth over £16 billion every year to the UK economy alone. Key areas in this industry include consumer electronics, semiconductors and electronic design, medical device electronics, automotive electronics and defence related electronics. And in an industry where bills of materials can be lengthy, effectively managing every stage of the supply chain and proving traceability is something that is a high priority.

In high performance, safety critical applications such as avionics or defence electronics quality standards are rigorous and compromising these could destroy the reputation of a business. So whether you are an OEM, a sub contract manufacturer, or a distributor BSI has a range of solutions that can help maintain quality and give you trust and confidence up and down your supply chain.

Here are some of the services and certification schemes that we offer that could help your business:

The BSI Kitemark for IPC-A-610 Electronic Assembles

In the electronics assembly sector quality, accuracy, and reliability are crucial to avoid costly reworks or products that fail shortly after purchase. To uphold quality, the IPC-A-610, “Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies” standard was published by the IPC and today it is a globally recognized quality standard in the electronics industry. Every year thousands of people train to become IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Trainers and Specialists to help the organizations they work in uphold their commitment to quality and it is often used to compliment quality assurance schemes such as ISO 9001.

If you have IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Trainers and Specialists in your business, then the BSI Kitemark for IPC-A-610 Electronic Assemblies could be something that takes your existing certification to the next level.

Why should I get a BSI Kitemark for IPC-A-610 Electronic Assembles?

The BSI Kitemark is a voluntary certification scheme available only from BSI. To achieve the BSI Kitemark we would assess your quality plans (such as ISO 9001) in line with the standard and carry out regular assessments at your site. Our assessors will carry out rigorous checks and visual inspections from the assembly line through to the packaging areas to make sure you are working in line with the IPC-A-610 standard.

By achieving this standard, you can give your customers added confidence in your products by showing that you are prepared to go the extra mile and have your operations regularly inspected by and independent and impartial third party. Find out more about the BSI Kitemark for IPC-A-610 here (PDF) >

Supply chain solutions available from BSI

Effectively managing the supply chain and proving traceability is something that is a high priority for most electronics manufacturers. This may be ensuring the integrity of BOM’s (Bills of Materials) or preventing counterfeit components or conflict materials from entering the supply chain. We have a range of supply chain solutions that can help you with this. Find out more about BSI Supply chain solutions >

IECEE CB scheme certification for electrical and electronic products help you to get international market access. Read more >

IECQ certification for electronic components which a worldwide system that helps suppliers demonstrate the high quality of their products and helps purchasing managers ensure that they are getting quality electronic components.