The BSI Kitemark™ for Functional Safety of Electrical, Electronic and Programmable Electronic Systems

The Functional Safety Kitemark provides third party assurance that your products and processes meet your claimed Safety Integrity Level across their whole lifecycle from concept through to decommissioning, allowing them to be used with confidence.

What is it?

Functional safety is a concept used to describe the reliability of part of a safety related system or equipment operating correctly as and when required to keep a process under its control safe or react to and safeguard against a potentially unsafe condition. For instance, these systems can detect potentially dangerous conditions and may activate protective or corrective mechanisms to prevent or mitigate hazards.

For a common example, let's take a storage tank for inflammable liquid. A sensor detects when there is a high liquid level in the tank, which in turn triggers a mechanism that cuts off the filling of the tank and prevents potentially hazardous overfilling.

What does it do?

These systems are relied upon to provide safety for the users and people around them, and a failure can mean loss of trust, reputational damage, injury, damage, environmental degradation, or death. By obtaining the BSI Kitemark for functional safety you reduce the risk of these failures and can also easily demonstrate that you comply with numerous safety regulations.


Products include:

  • Valves and emergency shut-off systems
  • Detection sensors for fire, smoke, heat and security
  • Alarm systems for fire and security
  • Emergency lighting
  • Battery-powered emergency back-up systems
  • Automatic Burner Control Systems

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