PECB certificed ISO/IEC 27035ISO/IEC 27035 standard as a reference framework. Based on practical exercises, participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to manage information security incidents in time by being familiar with their life cycle. During this training, we will present the ISO/IEC 27035 information security incident management standard, a process model for designing and developing an organizational incident management process, and how companies may use the standard. This training is also fully compatible with ISO/IEC 27035 which supports ISO/IEC 27001 by providing guidance for incident management.

Duration: 4 days


"Heavy days as they were packed with loads of information and input. But what was really impressive was both the energy and undisputed experience the instructor showed through the entire week.

Very good and satisfying experience -and I can express this on behalf of all persons joining the training (as I have received only good and positive feedback -> which you know is a pretty hard thing to achieve when you are working with professionals with long experience."

- Head of Hitachi Energy PSIRT

How will I benefit?

  • Understand the concepts, approaches, methods, tools and techniques allowing an effective information security incident management according to ISO/IEC 27035
  • Have the ability to understand, interpret and provide guidance on how to implement and manage incident management processes based on best practices of ISO/IEC 27035 and other relevant standards
  • Acquire the competence to implement, maintain and manage an ongoing information security incident management program according to ISO/IEC 27035
  • Gain the competence to effectively advise organizations on the best practices in information security management