The ICS Security OT / Operating Technology Incident Response Fundamentals course has been designed to provide those at Practitioner or equivalent level with an understanding of the current cyber incident response challenges facing their ICS environments. This includes an understanding of what an Incident is and how this approach may differ in an ICS Environment. This would also benefit those participating in or engaging with an ICS Incident Response team for the first time. This knowledge is vital when managing the day-to-day running of all aspects of security incident response for those environments.

This course will show students how to best protect and support their organisations cyber incident response process and provide an understanding of the stages of the IR process, including the information required to be able to create an effective IR plan (based upon the ICS4ICS processes). Template plans will be provided for students to complete and take away.

Course Contents

Session 1: Introduction to the Incident Handling Process

  • What is an Incident and an Event and how do they differ?
  • What is Incident Response?
  • The challenges of ICS Incide
  • nt Response
  • The IR lifecycle

Session 2: Preparation

  • Obtaining Leadership support
  • ICS IR Plans
  • Who gets involved?
  • What makes the CSIRT?
  • Jump Kit and Grab Bag

Session 3: Identification

  • Classification Levels
  • Managing the Information Flow
  • Evidenc

Session 4: Containment

  • What is Containment?
  • Short-term Containment
  • Long-term ContainmenInvestigations

Session 5: Eradication

  • The main aims of eradication
  • Remove or restore?
  • Improvement after

Session 6: Recovery

  • Recovery Objectives
  • Validation
  • Post-Incident Monitoring

Session 7: Lessons Learned

  • The Report
  • Management Considerations
  • Bringing it all together