Our CRISC training course, in association with ISACA, prepares IT professionals for real-world threats with relevant tools to assess, govern and mitigate risk.


This four-day course will improve your knowledge of IT risk management and its impact on business and prepare learners to pass the ISACA CRISC exam.

The CRISC designation and course are designed for IT risk, control and compliance practitioners, business analysts, project managers and other IT and business professionals. The highly respected certification demonstrates to employers that the holder can identify and evaluate IT risk and help their enterprise accomplish its business objectives. CRISC has received over 15 global recognitions.


  • The CRISC training course is designed for IT and other business professionals who are involved at any level to identify and or mitigate risk, it is therefore an advantage to have an understanding of the business, technologies and controls.
  • In order to obtain the ISACA CRISC credential, you must
    • Pass the CRISC exam
    • Adhere to ISACA’s code of Ethics
    • Adhere to ISACA’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) policy
    • Have a minimum of 3 years work experience across at least 2 of the CRISC domains, with at least one covering domain 1 or 2

The course covers all four CRISC domains with each corresponding to a specific CRISC job practice. (Revised 2021) Domains and percentage of exam coverage below

  • Domain 1 - Governance (26%)
  • Domain 2 – IT Risk Assessment (20%)
  • Domain 3 - Risk Response and Reporting (32%)
  • Domain 4 – Information Technology and Security (22%)