Mobile security is becoming increasingly important as iOS and Android user numbers increase and applications become ever more complex. With some organizations relying heavily on mobile applications as a route to market, especially those taking a ‘mobile first’ approach, mobile security must be taken seriously and viewed the same way as existing security controls for your organization’s flagship traditional web applications.

As organizations typically focus on mobile applications being easy to use and intuitive, less emphasis is put on mobile security and therefore less understanding of security tends to be present in mobile development teams.

Our one-day Fundamentals of Mobile Application Defence training course is a great opportunity for those interested in mobile security to look at iOS and Android applications through the eyes of the hacker.

You'll learn about the most common insecurities and vulnerabilities that lay within mobile applications, how to identify them and how to use secure design and development best practices to eliminate these risks. This course will give you the confidence to reduce the risk of mobile applications for your business.

How will I benefit?

  • Gain an understanding of the best practices for mobile application defence
  • Get the opportunity to see real exploitation of vulnerabilities on our vulnerable mobile application – helping you understand the real-world impact
  • Gain insight into the insecurities and vulnerabilities that lay within your mobile applications
  • Confidently identify and eliminate these new risks before they result in damage to the organization