NETconsent Compliance Suite

NETconsentNETconsent is a tool to simplify, centralize and automate your compliance programme.

NETconsent Compliance Suite delivers a pro-active and sustainable approach to handling the policy management life-cycle and other associated documentation, including: policies, procedures, guidelines, e-learning modules and forms.

NETconsent has  the essential elements to deliver a pro-active and sustainable approach to policy management. Out-of-date and irrelevant policies that lead to organizational confusion, poor practice and costly errors are eliminated through systematic automation.

Regular communication, monitoring and enforcement of policies and procedures become effective and manageable.

Remove the administrative burden of policy management

Automation greatly reduces the administrative burden traditionally associated with bestNETconsent Policy Mangement practice governance by:

  • raising policy awareness and understanding
  • making it easier for managers to foster policy adherence
  • enabling auditors to measure policy compliance effortlessly

The administrative burden traditionally associated with policy implementation is eliminated and practical management tools are provided to measure, monitor and manage policy compliance at all levels within your organization.

Easy visibility of policy compliance

User mappsing dashboards