Active Navigation

Active Navigation LogoActive Navigation has been designed to provide practical capabilities for the handling  unstructured information that can be  applied in real world situations based upon a consistent methodology.

Whatever the drivers for your information governance program – risk, cost, efficiencies or visionary leadership – you cannot progress far without addressing the challenges uncontrolled, unstructured data.

From discovery of large out-of-control files share, and bulk restructuring and tagging of files for SharePoint migration, through to defensible deletion and treatment of Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial (ROT™) data or duplicated content, Active Navigation provides a unique end-to-end solution for unstructured data governance.

Manage and control your data load

Active Navigation plays a fundamental role in any information governance project and provides the only complete solution for legacy content management, including:

  • Content evaluation
  • Content discovery and cleanup
  • Sensitive data identification
  • Intelligent migration
  • Content consolidation

The suite of tools, designed around a proprietary methodology, ensures that business and content owners are involved at all stages to minimize risk. 

The continued use of Active Navigation’s products and methodology provides a foundation for proactive information governance for your business.