IoT Use Cases and Fundamentals On-demand eLearning

With 20.4 billion devices expected to be connected by 2020, concerns over interoperability and security continue to increase, as well as the need for organizations to understand the impacts of IoT technology.

This three-hour on-demand eLearning course is designed to help non-information security professionals identify potential use cases and understand the fundamentals of IoT devices and how they can support technological transformation in the workplace.

You will learn the basics behind how IoT products work, and their role in the global technology landscape. You'll also explore cybersecurity risks and how they can be overcome to improve information security in your workplace.

Through examining a range of IoT use cases, you will also identify potential use cases within your own organization and begin to build a roadmap for IoT products within your digital transformation plan.

On-demand - training that’s even more flexible

If you need to understand the fundamentals of IoT and are confident enough not to need tutor-led training, this online, self-paced course offers you complete flexibility.

You can study in your own time when it suits you, and you can access the course from any internet-enabled device 24/7.

How will I benefit?

This course will help you to:

  • Explain the basics behind how IoT products work
  • Explain the IoT global landscape, trends, and new innovations
  • Describe the cybersecurity risks associated with IoT devices
  • Identify controls to improve the security of IoT devices
  • Identify potential use cases for IoT in your workplace and sector