Good manufacturing practices for all sectors of the food industry

Good manufacturing practices for all sectors of the food industry

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What is the BSI HACCP & GMP Certification Criteria?

Certifying to the BSI HACCP and GMP Certification Criteria will give you industry recognition for your HACCP-based food safety management system. This certification criteria was specifically written by BSI to provide a robust framework for the application of the Codex Alimentarius HACCP methodology to meet current food industry expectations. The addition of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) acknowledges the HACCP prerequisite/support programs implemented to demonstrate the effectiveness of your HACCP Food Safety Management System.

The certification criteria has three separate modules covering management system, HACCP and GMP giving you the flexibility to select the modules that best suit your business. Whether you seek recognition for HACCP and GMP or standalone HACCP or GMP, we can provide the certification to meet your unique needs.

Benefits of BSI HACCP and GMP

If you're in the business of food manufacture and supply then you already have the basis of a food safety management system. Certification to the BSI HACCP-GMP Certification Criteria is the next step towards a formalized food safety certification and is a stepping stone to GFSI standards with the same industry best practice intent for product validation, approved supplier programs, foreign matter controls, allergen management and training. This standard will allow you to demonstrate your commitment to a preventative hazard and risk-based food safety management system with the added benefits of:

  • Recognition for implementation of a food safety management system based on globally recognised Codex Alimentarius preliminary steps and HACCP principles
  • Demonstrating your commitment to food safety and providing confidence to your customers
  • Providing a systematic methodology to effectively identify and manage food safety risks
  • Promoting the review and continual improvement of your food safety management system

Supported by customers

Many food organizations support the BSI HACCP and GMP Certification Criteria as a core food safety standard and accept certification to a HACCP-based certification program as a pre-requisite to their supplier approval process. Certification to the BSI HACCP and GMP criteria is specific for the product range, scope of operation and the site which products are handled, providing confidence to your customers that their products are covered in individual site certifications.


The BSI HACCP-GMP Certification Criteria has been developed internally by a specialised BSI team of food safety auditors and risk and compliance specialists to provide audit criteria that meets current food industry expectations. It's based on Codex Alimentarius HACCP and incorporates management system concepts and excellence criteria to ensure food safety and quality.

Cost effective

Industry recognized and accepted, certification reduces the need for and expense of duplicate audits. Audits are completed by local BSI-trained and approved auditors to enable an internationally accepted standard to be audited at local rates.

How to certify to HACCP

The journey to certification

The first step to certification to the BSI HACCP-GMP Certification Criteria is to develop your food safety management system against the preliminary steps and principles of HACCP using the certification criteria as a guide to the level of detail required in your documented system for a range of food safety related activities. Once your food safety management system has been documented and implemented, you can use our free self-assessment checklist to determine if you are audit-ready. We can also conduct a gap audit to help identify and prioritize the issues that you'll need to address prior to a certification audit.

There are two levels of certification to the BSI HACCP-GMP Certification Criteria, allowing you to select from Essential and Excellence criteria.

  • Organizations meeting essential criteria will be awarded a HACCP and GMP, HACCP or GMP certificate depending on the modules/clauses selected.
  • Organizations that are able to demonstrate best-in-class practice may opt to include the "Excellence" criteria in their assessment which will result in an "Excellence in HACCP & GMP" or "Excellence in GMP" certificate being awarded.

Whether you're ready for the next step in best practice food safety management or you're more concerned about meeting the requirements of your customers or protecting consumers, certifying to the BSI HACCP and GMP Certification Criteria can drive meaningful change in your organization.

From an initial introduction to the standard through to training and certification, no matter how far along you are, BSI can support your journey. Want to know more about the requirements of the standard, the steps to certification or how BSI is here to help?

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Popular BSI HACCP and GMP training courses

Our BSI tutors provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively develop, implement and maintain the BSI HACCP and GMP Certification Criteria. Our food safety training courses are regularly revised and updated to reflect current industry expectations and our delivery techniques will make sure that you fully understand the intent and application of the criteria for HACCP and GMP.

You'll learn about each of the clauses and how to apply prescriptive requirements and Codex Alimentarius methodology to keep your manufacturing processes safe. We'll put your learning into context with a blend of classroom instruction, workshops and interactive sessions.

We have a choice of two courses to meet your training needs;

  • HACCP Plan and Implementation is a 2 day course comprehensive covering Codex Alimentarius HACCP methodology and the application of the BSI HACCP-GMP Standard.
  • HACCP Refresh is a 1 day course providing a knowledge 'refresher' to food industry professionals who are already familiar with HACCP risk methodology with references to current industry thinking, interpretation and application of the BSI Certification criteria specific to HACCP.

Both of these training courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills to undertake a review of your existing HACCP plan and to actively contribute to a HACCP team.

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