Smart city standards mapping research and modelling

Standards for smart cities can support cities, local governments and industrial partners alike in removing obstacles and lowering barriers. To support the smart cities work and of international standards bodies a mapping exercise of existing standards relevant to smart cities as well as any initiatives by international standards bodies is being undertaken. 

This will lead to an overview of what is already available and where any gaps and opportunities can be identified. Such a review of standards will not just consist of a list of standards but will have a structure to be able to link domains and identify the interactions between the various elements of the smart city. As part of this research, a "smart city model" is currently being developed so that relevant smart city standards can be mapped and linked in the appropriate context.

The Mapping smart city standards document describes the current methodology being followed, a discussion of existing smart city models being considered, a proposed overarching model and an initial search based on keywords identified from the model. 

Download the 'Mapping smart city standards' document (PDF)

Download the appendices to Mapping smart city standards (ZIP)