PAS 1919 Guide to Management Accounting Principles

PAS 1919 was sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. It was conceived to provide management accountants with a framework to support their decision making and contribute to overall improved performance and sustained success.

The PAS sets out four outcome-based management accounting principles and thus provides a basis on which organizations can set their own benchmarks for the management accounting function, support decision-making and contribute to improved performance.

This PAS was written to be used in organizations of any size in any sector. The user audience is intended to be:

  • Management accountants
  • CFOs and CEOs
  • Investors and other stakeholders
  • Management and chartered accounting institutes


It provides guidance on assessing the performance of the management accounting function. It covers the four management accounting principles:

  • Communication provides insight that is influential – encouraging insightful communication that drives better decisions across an organization
  • Information is relevant – reviewing past, present and forward-looking performance management information
  • Impact on value is analysed – understanding an organization’s strategy and business model
  • Stewardship builds trust – balancing short-term commercial interests against long-term value for stakeholders