Our half-day executive training course will provide high-level information on blockchain, to empower C-Level executives, and management to make more informed decisions on this new technology. 

Blockchain is not just a key component in the future of IT but the future of many industries and will transform the way nearly all industries and sectors do business.

The technology has far-reaching consequences for the likes of banking, legal and professional services to name just a few and now is the time for management to gain an understanding of the consequences of this disruptive technology, not just for their own current business but also to recognize and leverage future opportunities.

We ask the important questions: What is Blockchain? How does it work?  How can it be leveraged and ultimately, how will it impact my organization and my industry?

So if your company interested in authentication, automated auditing processes, contract verification and data protection then this training is for you. You’ll gain knowledge on how to apply blockchain technology in industry verticals such as food, banking, contracts and automotive.

Our tutor Damien Conroy incorporates real-life working and practical examples of each of the verticals that it touches to help embed your knowledge.