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Alert Logic logoAlert Logic, the leader in cloud security and compliance, offers a fully managed and monitored Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that protects your sensitive data anywhere your IT resides whether it is in the cloud, in hybrid environments, on premise or in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

From two Security Operations Centre’s (SOC), dedicated security analysts and threat intelligence experts monitor IT environments of over 4,000 customers on a 24x7x365 basis to maintain global visibility of new threats and vulnerabilities. Together, BSI  and Alert Logic provide you with deep security insights and continuous monitoring at an affordable, subscription-based price.

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Alert Logic - cloud based security-as-a-service

Lower security costs

Lower security costs

The monthly subscription eliminates large up-front costs for purchasing security software and hardware devices.

Lower ongoing costs

The SaaS-based solution handles the updating, patching, tuning and configuration of our security services - lowering your ongoing operational costs.

Simplify workload security with one subscription

Work with one vendor that provides full-stack security, backed be experts that provide global threat intelligence and proactive 24/7/365 security monitoring.

Avoid redundant security tools

Secure your on-premises, hosting and cloud environments with one managed security solution.

Add security expertise without adding staff

The Alert Logic services augment your security team without requiring you to add the fixed burden of additional security staff. 

Faster time to value

Deploy rapidly

Our SaaS-based solution is quickly deployed, allowing you to launch vulnerability scanning in minutes and enable threat detection in hours. 

Don't slow your revenue generating applications

Quickly meet and exceed regulatory, industry and customer security requirements for your revenue-generating web applications without cumbersome up-front procurement and deployment cycles. 

Focus on your business

Alert Logic provides a full end-to-end security and compliance solution, allowing your team to focus on the higher-value activities like developing and quickly rolling out their cloud applications. 

Reduced risk

Full stack protection

Alert Logic provides full-stack analysis of application and infrastructure layers that accurately detects all attack types - from basic to the very advanced and complex, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other OWASP top ten threats.

24/7x365 Proactive monitoring

From real-time monitoring and triage to verification and guidance of incident and threat data, we provide you with actionable intelligence within 15 minutes of identification.

Act faster to address risks and attacks

Alert Logic's global security analysts, data scientists and threat researchers provide you with prioritized exposures and actionable incidents based on global threat intelligence and real-time attack analysis of more than 4,000 Alert Logic customers

Low impact on application performance

Protect your cloud applications without slowing down development, deployment or performance of workloads. 

Alert Logic Cloud Defender Solution

The Alert Logic Cloud Defender offers organizations one fully managed security and compliance solution while taking the headache out of security information and event management (SIEM). 

Network threat detection 

  • Intrusion detection (IDS) monitors network traffic in real-time, to identify potentially malicious network threats that could compromise data or impact system availability

Vulnerability scanning 

  • Consistent scanning assesses a your security and compliance posture
  • Tests the various layers of your technical stack to unearth vulnerabilities across your infrastructure

Log data analysis

  • Collection, storage and analysis of log data to identify attacks from operating systems and applications
  • PCI compliancy; experts review organizations’ log data daily as per regulations

Web application attack detection

  • A patented web application firewall monitors your traffic to spot a vast array of attacks, including the OWASP top 10


Alert Logic Cloud Defender Solution