Corrective & Preventive Actions

This course provides you with a thorough understanding of  "Corrective Action" and  "Preventive Action." The Course will teach you how to properly document a corrective (CAR) or preventive (PAR) action request, answer a CAR/PAR, and close out a CAR/PAR.

Using a case study with simulated non-conformances, you will identify the problem, detect the root cause of the problem, and develop a corrective action plan.

The objective of this course is to provide delegates with the opportunity to practices their skills during simulated processes. This practical emphasis, along with high tutor to delegate contact hours, allow a substantial degree of individual guidance and tuition.

Who should apply?

Processes owners , Quality Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Project Leaders, and anyone responsible for overseeing, or who will be involved in, the corrective and preventive action process in an organization.

What will I learn?

Module one :

-  What is CAPA?

-  Identification of nonconformities

-  CAPA Procedures Seven Steps

-  Developing a corrective/preventive action plan

-  Containment Action

-  Determine extent of problem

-  Decide on team for action

-  Find true causes (Performing root cause analysis)

-  Identify and select remedies

-  Evaluate to ensure that it’s working

-  Audit to hold the gain

-  Verifying corrective action effectiveness

-  Closing a corrective/preventive action request

Module two :

Workshop  CAPA case study

Who will I benefit?

  • Understanding of CAPA and Develop continuous improvement that provides on-going future benefits to your company’s growth and success.
  • Develop more effective techniques, improve evaluation and communication skills, increase your ability to implement corrective action programs.

Further Information

Participants who successfully complete the course will be issued a certificate by BSI


The course is designed for people who are responsible for processes and activities within the organization.

Further information
Participants who successfully complete the course will be issued a certificate by BSI

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