Operatives - Geotechnical Training in a Mining Environment

Geotechnics is concerned with the study of how earth materials behave using scientific and engineering based principles.

It is a key area of study used by geologists and engineers alike to predict earth and rock movements when planning construction projects and is very important in quarrying and mining operations. The geotechnical suite of courses is able to provide core training to a wide audience from operative to senior manager.

By combining your training needs into separate intensive sessions, your organisation benefits through the effective use of our professional geotechnical training specialist.

How will I benefit?

Once you have completed the course you will be able to:

  • Apply basic geotechnical theory to practice in the workplace
  • Better understand principles of geotechnical hazards in a mining environment
  • Understand the reason for site rules and how to apply them
  • Undertake basic face inspection
  • Reduce the likelihood of serious injury or death
  • Improve attitudes and behaviours in the workplace