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Remote audit

Immersive technology. Trusted expertise

Immersive technology. Trusted expertise

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remote audit
remote audit
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FAQ for remote audits

Introducing Remote Audits

BSI Remote Audits enable us to deliver your audit program how and when you need it. The same trusted experts engage your team members wherever they are based and enhance your audit with immersive technologies.

You can include remote audits as part of your BSI audit programs and benefit from a more consistent, flexible approach that engages teams from different locations effectively.  

Remote Audit Experience

We asked our clients their remote audits experience with BSI. Here are some feedback:

  • It was so effective along with saving our time and effort in optimal manner. In addition, I prefer to adopt this methodology for the next auditing plans in the future.

    Dr. Mohamed Elkhouli, Director of Institutional Development Office, Government of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

  • I personally felt no difference between physical and remote audit. All parameters which were needed during the audit were justified. I am very much satisfied with the audit which saved lots of time. It was very effective and I strongly recommend it for the coming years.

    Engr.Anil Bandila, Commercial Manager, Golden Almoutamed Gen.Trad&, Kuwait

  • With regards to the First Remote Audit, the objective was achieved and it was conducted smoothly. Surprisingly, the retrieval of documents was easier and we could feel the auditor’s presence even the audit was conducted remotely. We appreciate the efforts of BSI in supporting our business operational needs.

    Ronald Bryan Sudario , QHSE Team Leader – AQAP/Sarplast, QATAR

  • The remote audit process was very smooth. All the evidence like documents and images were shared remotely without any problem. The audit plan sent by the auditor prior the actual audit was helpful to prepare all required documents.

    Marwan Nasr, Quality System Coordinator – National Beverage Company, Lebanon

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