Get the most from standards with BSI Membership

Becoming a BSI Member means you’re part of global movement to raise standards. BSI Membership makes a statement to your customers, staff and shareholders about your commitment to quality and safety. In practical terms, it helps you save money and gives you access to range of services that make using standards easier and more effective.

Benefits include:

  • 50% off British Standards, British Standards Online (BSOL) and BSI conferences
  • Discounts on foreign standards (10% off ISO, 10% off DIN, ASTM and others)
  • Free expert help from our dedicated Knowledge Center
  • Receiving monthly updates on standards news and tips
  • Displaying a respected BSI Membership certificate
  • Free postage and packaging and credit facilities.

And there’s much more to gain too.

Becoming a Member is quick and easy. We’ll take details online and give you an instant quote for 12 months’ membership.