What is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Building an Improvement Culture with Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma Certification is a management approach to improve business performance and has blended the two individual specialisms of Lean and Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a set of highly effective techniques, methodologies and tools for process improvement.

The focus of Lean is about speed, efficiency, maximizing customer value and minimizing the areas of waste in processes. Six Sigma is the ongoing effort to continually reduce product and process variation through a defined project approach.

Incorporating elements from the work of many quality pioneers, it uses a set of quality management methods and creates a special infrastructure of people within the organization, who are experts in these methods.

Each 6 Sigma project carried out within an organization follows a defined sequence of steps and has specific value targets, for example: reduce process cycle time, reduce pollution, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase profits.

How Six Sigma can help you improve your business?

If you and your organization would like to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve process efficiencies, reduce risk, develop a resilient organization and grow at the same time then Lean Six Sigma methodology can help to address all of the above.

Learn Lean Six Sigma - How it is used in the real world

Graham Hood, an e-commerce business improvement expert tells us how he's used Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to improve strategic decision making at work by giving better advice on metrics and analysis to management.


  • Higher client satisfaction scores
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower indirect costs
  • Reduced administration
  • Greater responsiveness
  • Lower material waste and rework
  • Better use of time and resources

  • Lower internal process and supply chain risk
  • Faster time to market
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Greater engagement by workforce
  • Enhanced skillset available to the organization


"The Green and Yellow belt Training has been integral to Siniat's recent culture shift towards problem solving instead of problem management. BSI's courses, great customer service and tailored support have helped us create buy in and kick start this exciting transformation within our workforce. The resultant projects and mindset changes have generated real value added returns"

Ben Mansfield, Business Unit Quality & Process Manager UK, Siniat Ltd


"Andrew's delivery of the course was fantastic, some of the visual representations of lean were highly enjoyable and helped emphasise perfectly"

Christian Breakwell, Aston Labs


"I am truly amazed at the impact this course has had on the manufacturing team in particular. Our Production Manager fully led the factory layout which was completed last month and having her and her team taking the lead was a key outcome that I wanted from the course. I think you would be impressed by the change. The cultural change was also a key outcome that has been achieved. The team have a clear vision where they want to get to. They have really embraced VSM and are very proud of their achievements. In summary, a big success. Thank you"

Elaine Quinn, Tunstall Healthcare Limited


"We have a long-standing relationship with BSI through our ISO audits and know them to be a professional and experienced company. From our first discussions, BSI was able to offer a bespoke and flexible Lean Six Sigma solution. We first moved forward with Lean Six Sigma in 2006 at the request of our largest customer. This customer has seen the benefits in their own manufacturing facilities and wanted to extend that throughout the supply chain. This has significantly contributed to a cultural change in our way of thinking as a site. Our experience of BSI is very positive, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend BSI's Lean Six Sigma training. All the trainers are both professional and knowledgeable"

Clare Read, Albéa UK Limited

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