Supply Chain Risk Management PAS 7000:2014 Requirements

This one day course will help you learn the requirements of PAS 7000:2014 and how it will help your organization select supply chain partners that comply with your Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) policies. How well do you know your supply chain? This 1 day course explores the purpose and requirements of PAS 7000:2014, and is extremely valuable if your organization’s supply chain is complex or unclear. By the end of the course, you will know how PAS 700:2014 can be used to build effective and enduring supply chain relationships through the use of an objective pre-qualification process.

Who should apply?

  • Quality, compliance, supply chain security/logistic, legal and/or procurement personnel
  • Management representatives of PAS 7000:2014
  • Those who will be involved in advising top management on the introduction of PAS 7000:2014 into an organization

What will I learn?

Our high impact accelerated learning approach increases learning effectiveness by improving your ability to retain knowledge and apply skill. The training is activity-based, and is proven to have a positive effect on job performance whilst saving time and money.

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Recognize how PAS 7000:2014 benefits both buyers and suppliers from organizations of any size or sector
  • Become familiar with the structure of PAS 7000:2014 and how to apply the specification as either a buyer or supplier
  • Determine essential GRC requirements of an organizational supply chain and how GRC discrepancies within your supply chain can be addressed

What's included?

  • Includes lunch, refreshments and course notes


There are no formal pre-requisites to attending this course.

Further Information

Delegates receive detailed course notes based on PAS 7000:2014