Embedding food safety culture in your supply chain

If your organization relies on ingredients or manufactured products to produce its products, your food safety culture is dependent on the food safety culture of your supply chain. BSI can help you help your suppliers advance their culture of food safety to increase your organization’s supply chain and operational resilience.

Many organizations struggle to embed food safety culture. By introducing your supply chain to BSI’s Pathway to a Sustainable Culture of Food Safety, in addition to increasing your confidence in your upstream supply chain, you will also enable your suppliers’ access to the tools and skills needed to assess their current culture as well as set food safety culture goals and measurements. If you require some or all of your suppliers to be certified to a GFSI-benchmarked food safety scheme, the pathway can also help them meet the culture of food safety requirements in standards like FSSC 22000, BRCGS and SQF.


Food Safety Culture Diagram


The pathway is flexible, and BSI can help you identify which steps best suit your supply chain food safety priorities. The pathway progresses organizations toward a stage of continuous improvement has no end, but there are up to six steps available.


Step one – Food Safety Culture Workshop: Part One

An interactive workshop with a food safety culture subject matter expert to introduce your suppliers to the concept of food safety culture, address concerns and challenges on their organization’s pathway and introduce a maturity matrix as a tool for measuring the their culture of food safety.


Step two – A culture of food safety training course (on demand)

Over three modules, this training helps your suppliers understand the dimensions relating to food safety culture and provides practical examples of how real companies use measurement and planning to improve the culture of food safety.


Step three – Understanding and improving your culture of food safety training course (virtual/onsite)

This enables your suppliers to evaluate the current food safety behaviours across their organization, including at the leadership level. It also helps them develop the skillset to build action plans for improvement, set goals and choose measures.


Step four – Food Safety Culture Workshop: Part Two

Interaction with an industry peer and food safety culture subject matter will break down the core fundamentals and structure of a sustainable food safety culture, helping your suppliers clarify the confusion of compliance vs culture.


Step five – Peer review

BSI’s food safety culture partner Cultivate can be engaged by your suppliers to evaluate their food safety structure and strategy, identify what's working well and provide guidance and support to align their corporate culture and effect positive change.


Step six – Food safety culture verification

Published by the GFSI to provide a blueprint to support food sector implementation, the positioning paper A Culture of Food Safety is the framework of our assessment of your suppliers’ food safety culture with a specific focus on continuous improvement. Our reports can be integrated into your supplier management system to provide an enhanced understanding of the resilience of your supply chain.