ISO 45001 Certified Lead Implementer Classroom Training Course

Course Aim:

1. To gain understanding of effective occupational health and safety management in an organization based on ISO 45001
2. To provide a typical framework for implementing a management system based on ISO 45001.
3. To provide guidance and practical experience in planning, executing, reporting and audit follow-up of an internal audit, when monitoring the effectiveness and conformity of an OH&S MS (ISO 45001)

Course Description: ISO 45001 is the management system standard for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) that is aligned to internationally recognized best practice, and makes use of the high-level structure. ISO 45001 helps organizations to provide safe and healthy workplaces, by preventing work-related injury and ill health; as well as by proactively improving its OH&S performance.

Gain a thorough understanding of the history and development of ISO 45001, key terms, definitions, and the ISO standardized high level structure. You’ll learn to interpret and apply the key concepts and principles of the standard to existing processes within your organization.

Gain the required skills to conduct a base-line review of your organization’s current position and implement the key principles of ISO 45001. Using a step-by-step approach, you’ll learn how to develop an implementation plan, create necessary documentation and monitor your OH&S MS.

If you are involved in the auditing, maintaining, or supervising an ISO 45001 management system, then this course will help you to initiate an audit, prepare and perform audit activities, perform and distribute audit reports and complete follow-up activities. You will also learn about the guidelines of management system auditing according to ISO 19011 and the application of these guidelines to auditing ISO 45001.

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Identify the key requirements and benefits of ISO 45001
  • Manage risks and opportunities, to both health and safety and to your OH&S MS, and thereby drive continual improvement
  • Take steps to ensure that occupational health and safety is at the heart of your organization
  • Attract and retain workers and customers by meeting their current and future needs better

This course will also help you:

  • Become familiar with a typical framework for implementing an occupational health and safety management system (OH&S MS). This should form a sound basis for your implementation efforts and benefit your organization
  • Recognize where adjustments might need to be made, to this framework, to accommodate your particular situation and progress made to date
  • Increase your knowledge on the key concepts and requirements of ISO 45001, from an implementation perspective
  • Gain the skills to conduct your own baseline review of your organization’s current position with regard to ISO 45001, and implement key concepts and requirements relating to ISO 45001

This course will also help you:

  • Gain the confidence to prepare conduct and follow up on ISO 45001 audit activities
  • Be able to write audit reports and guide corrective actions
  • Understand the guidelines of management system auditing according to ISO 19011
  • Develop professionally