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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) represents more than 400 companies that enable high-speed communications networks and accelerate next-generation ICT innovation.
The Telecommunications Industry Association’s most widely adopted standards include TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers. The ANSI/TIA-942 standard serves as a baseline for anybody who wishes to design and build a reliable and efficient data center.

TIA’s voluntary and industry-driven standards establish protocols that ensure reliable, quality communications networks and services. They are broadly used by the information communication technology community.
The ANSI/TIA-942 is a quality standard for data centers.

The ANSI/TIA-942 is often chosen for a number of factors including;



Data centers can be reviewed and certified for conformity to the requirements of the ANSI/TIA-942 standard.

Companies today rely heavily on IT for the delivery of business-critical services often directly to the end consumer. It is therefore vital that the mission-critical Data Center is designed, maintained and operated with high-availability and efficiency in mind.

When building and operating a data center, company wants to ensure that it has been designed and built based on globally accepted standards, yet have the flexibility to adapt to the business requirements.

Mostly data center operator/owners chose the ANSI/TIA-942 standard when it comes to designing and building a data center.

Rating Level: 

ANSI/TIA-942 describes four Rating levels in which data centers can be classified. Below are the high level descriptions of each Rating level.  Detailed specifications are given in the ANSI/TIA-942 standard.

Rating Level

BSI can support the organisations, who are having mission critical data centres with their expertise in the initial Gap Assessment as per TIA Standard. This Gap Assessment can help Organisations to improve their readiness with respect to Data centres all the aspects i.e. Telecommunications, Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical.

Post improvement, BSI also fully equipped to support Organisations to carry out the further subsequent audits to ensure that organisations are having complete readiness for the Compliance for the TIA Standard.