PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the unified global standard for cardholder data security established by five international payment card brands (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX and Discover). This is the data security standard that multilaterally specifies requirements of security management, policies, procedures and methods, network configurations and software design to protect other cardholder data.

Each of these five international payment card brands support compliance with PCI DSS and strives to promote the adoption.

Who should consider compliance with PCI DSS?

All organizations that retain, process, and transmit cardholder data, such as merchants who are members of card issuing companies and any other service providers should all consider compliance with PCI DSS.

Features and business benefits

Business Benefits of PCI DSS compliance

  • Promote use of credit cards with a promise to secure card transactions.
  • Protect merchants’ profits from unauthorized use and credit card fraud.
  • Improve brand image and trustworthiness of merchants and service providers.
  • Prevent and reduce the frequency of data loss, and reduce cost of restoration.

BSI is able to offer Joint Assessment of PCI DSS and ISMS

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) is widely known as a certification system of information security for corporations in India with over 400 companies certified to ISMS by BSI.

ISMS is designed to manage and maintain the quality of information security whilst PCI DSS is designed to protect cardholder data, so dual certification to both PCI DSS and ISMS standards enables greater levels of information security for multiple stakeholders.

In order to maintain PCI DSS and ISMS certification, organizations must undertake an annual assessment.

By conducting a joint assessment, organizations can avoid a certain degree of duplication; reduce business disruption, time and cost. For example, if an organization is already certified to ISMS requirements then they will be implementing many of the elements of PCI DSS elements including:

A.10.10  Monitoring

A.11.2 User access management

A.11.4 Network access control

A.11.5  Operating System access control

A.12.6  Technical Vulnerability Management

PCI DSS Training Courses

PCI Data Security Standard helps to improve security, reduce the risk of data loss, and simplify meeting PCI requirements. We use accelerated learning techniques to make sure you fully understand PCI DSS. And we put your learning into context with a blend of classroom teaching, workshops and interactive sessions.

PCI-DSS v3.2 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Training Workshop


2 days classroom based training course

    This 2 day PCI DSS v3.2 Workshop is primarily aimed at enabling you to understand and implement PCI DSS Standard successfully in your organization. You will gain a clear conception of the various requirements of the Payment Card Industry Standards, and discover the intent behind each of its requirements.

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