Applying PAS 96:2014 – A Guide to Protecting and Defending Food and Drink from Deliberate Attack

Course Aim:Gain the knowledge and skills required to perform a food defence threat assessment and develop a food defence plan, in accordance with PAS 96:2017 (and GFSI Standards as applicable).

Course Description:

This one-day course has been designed by leading food industry experts to equip you with the most current food industry knowledge. It introduces the application of food defence methodologies to assess and manage generic and specific threats for the development of a food defence plan.  

 PAS 96:2017 aims to assure the authenticity of food by minimizing the chance of an attack by performing a threat assessment of your organization, operation, supply chain, process and products. Using risk assessment techniques, you’ll identify where controls and mitigation strategies may be required to minimize and mitigate an ‘attack’.  

 The course includes references to current examples, the application of a food defence assessment tool and group activities. You’ll develop practical skills and the confidence to implement PAS 96:2017 to strengthen food defence at your organization.

How will you benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Identify the key requirements and benefits of PAS 96:2017  
  • Develop practical skills and the confidence to implement PAS 96:2017, together with other current concepts and methodologies to strengthen food defence within your organization 
  • Adopt a proactive approach to identifying food defence threats  
  • Improve the resilience of your organization and operation through an understanding of threats, likely attackers and proactive controls and mitigation strategies