5S Auditor Training Course

Course Aim: This course aims to provide delegates with knowledge and skills required to perform 5 S audit in an organization focusing on how to assess and report 5 S implementation effectiveness and its sustainability as a System.

Course Description: This two-day training course is specifically designed to provide you with knowledge and help you develop the necessary skills required for auditing 5 S. Initial session of training covers basic concepts of 5 S, different steps of 5 S and what systems need to put in place for the sustenance of 5 S in the organization.  This is to ensure that 5 S fundamentals of delegates are firmed up. Using a step-by-step approach, you will be guided through the entire audit process for evaluating the effectiveness of 5 S techniques in an organization.

The course includes audit case studies related to 5 S implementation in the organization.  This will provide you first hand experience of conducting 5 S audit, under the guidance of the qualified tutor.

At the end of two days training, you will be equipped with required knowledge and skill to undertake 5 S audit.

How will I benefit?

  • This course will equip you with knowledge and skill required for a competent 5S auditor.
  • Additionally, this course will help you:
  • Gain an understanding of significance of each S of 5S and how different tools of 5S are applied.
  • Understanding what all systems need to put in place by an organization for continual improvement of 5S.