Emergency Lighting

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New legislation has brought many changes for manufacturers, installers, shops, offices and other premises. In short, this means simply containing emergency lighting and escape route signage is no longer enough. In its simplest and most common form, escape lighting offers adequate lighting to escape routes from buildings. So people can get out easily and safely – even if there is a power loss.

In order to comply with the latest legislation and validate safety and performance claims, BSI has a range of world-class, innovative testing and certification solutions for all emergency lighting and luminaires. Drawing on years of experience, our team of professionals support the certification process from concept to completion. So whether you are a manufacturer, specifier or installer, we’ll help you to understand and meet all the relevant requirements.

If you are a manufacturer of emergency luminaires and lighting, we have all the facilities to evaluate these products and their critical components. Through our trusted third party testing, we ensure your products comply with all the necessary standards for safety and performance, of which the BS EN 60598 series is the most common.

The benefits of BSI Kitemark™ for Emergency Lighting

Through our certification, we help manufacturers differentiate their products to make them easily identifiable as being as safe and as reliable as possible.

The Kitemark helps you:

  • Enhance your reputation
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Attract new customers
  • Gain access to new tenders
  • Increase your market access

Which standards we test emergency lighting products to

BS EN 60598 series – Luminaires. Particular safety related requirements

BS EN 60598-2-22 – Luminaires. Particular requirements for emergency lighting

BS EN 50171 – Central power supply systems for luminaires

BS EN 62034 – Automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lighting

BS EN 61347 series - Lighting control gear

BS EN 62031 – LED Modules for Lighting

BS EN 62471 – Photo biological Safety of Lamps