Post certification services

What happens after certification?

Best practice doesn't stop at certification – it's an ongoing process. That's why we give you access to our Just for Customers website, which is full of useful information and resources.

You can download BSI Assurance Mark logos, get immediate access to electronic certificates, obtain guidance on promoting your certification, or ask our panel of experts for specialist advice.

Key features include:

    • Downloadable certification marks
      Download BSI Assurance Marks with relevant accreditation marks, to use on your materials.

    • Electronic certificates
      If you prefer, you can get your certificates electronically, giving you quicker access and making it easier to share your achievement with your clients.

    • Certification mark guidance
      Guidelines on how to use the BSI Assurance Mark, as well as information on copying certificates.

    • Promoting your certification
      Invaluable guidance on promoting your certification to customers, stakeholders and vendors.

    • Downloadable guidance documents
      A full range of brochures and other useful documents relating to your management systems certification.

    • Ask an expert
      Contact our panel of experts for specialist advice regarding your management system, as well as enquiries about certificate issues, visits and invoices.

    • Upcoming event information
      Information on our customer events as well as other events we're involved in.