Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) Training

Prevention is always better than cure! Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) was originally developed in the 1960's in the aerospace industry as a systematic method of identifying and investigating potential design or process weaknesses.

The participant will learn the basic concepts of FMEAs and how they relate to producing a fail-safe design and/or process. Workshops will provide participants the opportunity to express what they have learned by deriving the Severity, Occurrence, and Detection (SOD) tables relative to their work place.

SOD tables will then be used to calculate the Risk Priority Number (RPN). Class teams assigned by the instructor will determine what actions are necessary to reduce unacceptable RPNs.

Who should attend to the training?

  • Managers, supervisors and employees who are responsible for quality defect prevention
  • Employees involved in the design of process
  • Employees involved in business improvement or process improvement management
  • Managers wishing to understand the benefits of FMEA before company implementation
  • Team members involved in a support role

What will I learn in the training?

The Course covers

  • Introduction - Purpose, Background & Benefits
  • Overview of Process FMEA
  • Failure Modes, Effects on Customer
  • Cause of Failure
  • Calculation of Risk Priority Number (RPN)
  • Implementing FMEA
  • Where to apply
  • Common Mistakes

Course Benefits

  • FMEA is now widely used to evaluate and manage risk in process design
  • Through the recognition and evaluation of potential areas of failure, an organization can identify preventive actions and therefore minimise the risk of system failure

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the training, you will be able to:
  • Learn the Basic Concepts, purpose & benefits of FMEA
  • How to implement FMEA
  • Examine how to use Severity, Occurrence, Detection Scales
  • Discover how to Calculate Risk Priority Number (RPN) and how to Prioritize RPNs
  • Explore the Application of Apply FMEA to Participant Projects
  • Learn how to Discern Recommended Corrective Actions and Risk Mitigation; and
  • Practice the Recalculation of RPNs

What's included in the training?

Includes refreshments, lunch and delegate manual