Business Risk Assessment Workshop - BRISK

Businesses all over have priorities based on their own position compared with the market as well as the market itself. Attention is normally focussed onto the areas that the company perceives to have a higher business risk.

However, this is not so well structured and very often, business risks are not properly visualised or understood, especially as there is a lack of formality in understanding them. There is also a danger of not realising which are the greatest risks and which of them must be focussed upon by the organisation.

In order to improve business decision making, Risk Management today is rapidly gaining acceptance and is helping organisations manage their businesses better, which in today’s hypercompetitive environment is an imperative.

The Risk Assessment Workshop

A workshop format enables participants to both contribute and learn in a natural environment. The result is not only a ranked list of key risks, but a fascinating discussion about the control environment, risk appetite, and individual risk tolerances. As stakeholders walk away from the session their understanding of business operations, objectives and challenges has expanded and they are equipped with the knowledge and the detailed analysis to make improved business decisions.

BRISK Workshop Client Testimonials

"The workshop was very useful and a  joint effort from all the participants to arrive to agreed risks and document them, this will surely help us putting together better risk assessment data."

---Mr. Satish Dorepalli, Associate Director - Mindtree Limited

"The BRISK program from BSI India, is a must for strategic decision makers and senior management. I have conducted many risk management programs and also have attended some, but the clarity the audience gets during this program is something one should experience. There was nothing new about the concept but the way it was presented made THE difference. It was worth every penny of it. I am sure you will wonder what did you miss when you see the real time output. This is a “must have” programs for organizations who want to accelerate their thought process."

---Mr. Bala Ramanan - Director, Risk & Compliance - Microland

"PwC Senior managers and Process owners got lot of insights about this modern risk assessment technique in the BRISK workshop which was delivered in a systematic approach understanding of the risks inherent within the organization with respect to assets, information, people and business processes. The BRISK workshop was delivered by BSI team lead by Venkataram Arabolu – MD BSI India and risk assessment report was elaborate and useful with detailed evaluation of risks and strength of control for our organization."

--- Mr. Arasu S ., Manager, Risk Consulting - PricewaterhouseCoopers

Who should attend?

  • This workshop is a facilitation of an organisation’s executive team who contribute their own experiences, ideas and thoughts to determine business risks and identify through a rating process those that the organisation needs to prioritise and manage in order to run a successful, well managed and controlled business.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify the business risks related to organisation’s objectives
  • Evaluation of risk factors
  • Evaluation of Controls on identified risks
  • Comparing strength of controls with regard to risk and vulnerability

The benefits of well-run business risk assessment

  • A prioritized list of risks
  • Discussion of risks by stakeholders
  • Consensus about relative importance of risks among stakeholders
  • Awareness of different viewpoints
  • Understanding of where current control activities exceed risk appetite
  • Holistic risk based management
  • Systematic risk treatment by “Terminating, Testing, Transferring or Tolerating” the risk
  • Setting best practice for managing the business

What's included?

In-company one day workshop facilitated by Risk  Management experts.