BRCGS Internal Auditor Course

Course Aim: Provide knowledge and skills required to perform first, second and third party audits of BRCGS, food safety management systems (FSMS) against ISO 22000,  in accordance with ISO 19011 

Course Description: Gain the confidence to effectively audit a FSMS in accordance with internationally recognized best practice techniques or demonstrate your commitment to food safety by transforming existing auditor skills to ISO 19011(Including ISO/IEC 17021, as applicable). 

You’ll grasp the key principles and practices of effective product safety managment audits in line with ISO 19011 ‘Guidelines for auditing management systems’. 

Over two days, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills required to undertake and lead a successful food safety management systems audit; using a step-by-step approach, you’ll be guided through the entire audit process from initiation to follow-up.

Learn to describe the purpose of an ISO 19011 audit and satisfy third party certification as well as grasp the key principles and practices of effective food safety management system audits in accordance with BRCGS Food Issue 8.

Acquire the skills to plan, conduct, report and follow up a FSMS/BRCGS audit that establishes conformity, enhances food safety compliance, and overall organizational performance.

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Interpret ISO 19011 requirements for audit application
  • Plan, conduct and follow-up auditing activities that add real value
  • Grasp the application of risk-based thinking to products and processes, leadership and process management
  • Access the latest auditor techniques and identify appropriate use
  • Build stakeholder confidence by managing processes in line with the latest requirements
  • A comprehensive internal audit system is fundamental to a company’s safety and quality control as it provides confirmation that systems and procedures are operating effectively and identifies areas that require improvement.

Our high impact accelerated learning approach increases learning by improving knowledge retention and skill application. This course is activity-based, resulting in a deeper understanding of the material and a greater impact on job performance.