BIM Fundamentals Training Course

This course will provide delegates with an understanding of why BIM Level 2 and how BIM supports Lean principles to reduce waste in construction and asset management. Overview of the standards that define BIM Level 2 and the fundamental processes of a Common Data Environment (CDE).

This course will also help delegates understand BIM Level 2 from the perspective of clients and customers. The role of information in managing assets and projects more efficiently and the tools defined in BIM Level 2 for this (information requirements, soft landings, asset information models).

In additional, delegates will understand BIM Level 2 from the perspective of designers, constructors and supply chain. Responding to the client’s information requirements (EIR). Tools used in the supply chain to manage and exchange information (CDE, COBie, IFC).

Putting BIM Level 2 into the broader context of information security, roles and responsibilities. Reflecting on the impact of BIM Level 2 for your organization and what next steps need to be taken.

Online training courses: Connected Learning Live
You can attend this training course classroom based and online. Do you prefer the convenience of an online training course? View here for the available dates or read more about Connected Learning Live.

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Who should attend?

Anyone implementing BIM Level 2 into their organization, their own work practices, or helping their clients or supply chains implement BIM Level 2.

Construction and asset management professionals (project managers, asset managers, designers, constructors, manufacturers, maintenance contractors, information managers).


An organization that has already decided it needs to implement BIM level 2, or wishes to know more about what BIM Level 2 would mean for them.

Delegates will be able to:

  • Explain why and how BIM is a key driver of improvement in project delivery and asset management
  • Explain how the existing BIM Level 2 standards, tools and documents fit together
  • Define the basic requirements of a Common Data Environment (CDE)
  • Determine how asset owners and project sponsors define their information requirements and procure information deliverables through contracts
  • Determine how designers, constructors, suppliers respond to their client’s requirements, plan their information deliverables and collaborate with their fellow team members
  • Describe the use of IFC in information collaboration and COBie in information exchange
  • Explain how BIM Level 2 project and asset activities fit into broader issues of security, quality and assurance
  • Recall the roles and responsibilities needed to implement BIM Level 2

Practical information

  • It's a 2-day course, including exam
  • The training and the materials will be provided in English
  • Lunch and drinks are included

For further information regarding reduced rates at the hotel where the training is being conducted please contact or +31 (0)20 346 0780.