Certification and testing services for gas products


We have been testig gas appliances since 1960. As a UKAS Accredited Certification Body, we have the exprtise and integrity to independently endorse your product, your credentials, and your brand. Our status as a certification body help you meet and demonstrate compliance to relevant standards and legislation providing you access to different markets. 

What we test

Controls and ancillary items

All appliances are only as safe as the control and safety devices used within them. We test control devices either as a component part of an appliance, or they can be independently tested prior to being supplied to OEMs for inclusion with an appliance.

  • Burner controls - we can test against numerous standards including BS EN 298 and provide BSI Kitemark certification. Burner controls for gas appliances fall under the scope of Gas Appliances Regulations for which BSI is Notified Body (CE) and Approved Body (UKCA)
  • Valves - these include ball valves and automatic shut off valves. We can test these products to a range of European, British, and international standards
  • Hoses, connectors, and flexible tubing - the safety of hoses, connections and flexible tubing is crucial, and they must be tested to ensure that they are robust particularly when connected to an appliance which is in use. We offer BSI Kitemark certification for these products to demonstrate safety and quality
  • Press fittings - as use of these increases, the new Kitemark scheme for copper and stainless-steel press fittings based on BS 8537 and prEN 10351 is now available. There is urrently no CE or UKCA marking required for these products so BSI Kitemark certification is a real differentiator and can help show truly independent third-party certification
  • Chimneys and flues - these are tested to withstand high temperatures and safely remove carbon monoxide. They fall within the scope of the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) abd BSI is a Notified Body (CE) and Approved Body (UKCA) to support your UKCA and CE marking for this regulation

Leisure and camping appliances

We carry out safety testing on a range of gas, solid fuel, and electric products intended for use in the leisure industry, such as:

  • Gas barbecues and patio heaters
  • Solid fuel barbecues
  • Equipment for use in caravans and recreational vehicles
  • Vapour-pressure camping equipment

In addiiton, we can frequently adapt our extensive test equipment to new types of products where needed, and we have facilities to evaluate:

  • Gas and electrical refrigeration equipment
  • Household and commercial dishwashing machines
  • Pumps
  • Gas-proving extraction systems for commercial kitchen and schools

Domestic and commercial cooking appliances

Methods of cooking have become much more sophisticated over the years and continue to evolve rapidly. The arrival of induction cooking and pyrolitic self-cleaning has meant that cooking appliances often present new risks and incorporate complex electronic systems, so the need for technical capability and testing expertise has never been higher. We can help you with safety and performance testing of household and commercial gas cooking appliances

If you are looking to access different markets, we can test products to a range of international standards including Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, the USA and Canada. We can also provide testing to support UKCA and CE marking for appliances and BSI Kitemark certification to show quality, safety and trust.

Water heating appliances (including Micro CHP)

BSI has extensive facilities and experience with gas, electric and oil-fired water heating products, including those featuring new technologies (such as small-scale CHP or fuel cells) or those with complex control systems to porvide high levels of efficiency or use comfort. The range of products we test include:

  • Central heating boiler
  • Combination boilers for heating and hot water
  • Instanteneous water heaters (gas and electric)
  • Storage water heaters (gas or electric)
  • Pool and spa heaters

Gas heating appliances

Space heating and air-conditioning appliances

We can evaluate a wide range of household and commercial gas-fired and electric space heating and cooling appliances:

  • Household gas fires and electric heating appliances
  • Household and similar gas fired air heaters
  • Household electric heat pumps and air conditioning units
  • Agricultural heaters
  • Commercial warm air units (condensing or non-condensing)
  • Commercial overhead radiant heating systems

Carbon Monoxide Alarms 

The BSI Kitemark is available for Carbon Monoxide detectors and is well recognized by consumers, the Fire Services and specifiers as a mark of quality. The two main standards for these products are BS EN 50291-1(Electrical apparatus for the detection of carbon monoxide in domestic premises) and BS EN 50291-2 (Electrical apparatus for continuous operation in fixed installation in recreational vehicles).

Our gas testing portfolio

  • Hydrogen testing - BSI's testing and certification services can help manufacturers of both gas-burning commercial and domestic appliances, such as boilers, cookers, heaters, etc., who are looking to start supplying appliances for use with hydrogen fuel. These appliances can be tested to meet UK Government guidelines of stage 1 - Admixture of methane/hydrogen (80%/20%) and stage 2 - mix up to > 98% hydrogens in accordance to PAS 4444.
  • Gas Appliances Regultions - The Regulation is concerned with the safety of gas appliances and related components placed onto the UK and European market, which must comply with the essential requirements' detailed. 
  • Boiler Efficiency Directive  - The Directive specifies minimum efficiency levels for heating boilers placed onto UK and European markets. Whilst this directive still applies; the limits have, in practice, been made onsolete by other more stringent regulations on energy efficiency (e.g.: the UK Building Regulations)
  • Construction Product Regulations - The Regulation provides a common technical language to assess the performance of construction products. It ensures that reliable information is available to porfessionals, public authorities, and consumers, so they can compare the performance of products from different maufacturers in different countries.

Exporting your products to global markets

International market access requirements can be difficult to identify, constantly evolving, and often complex to unerstand. As the UK National Standards body with offices in over 50 countries worldwide, BSI is ideally place to become partner to bring your porducts to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. By working with the specifying authorities, we understand how to meet indiidual regional requirements, and where appriopriate, can help you gain BSI certification to porvide a direct route to compliance. 

Within the gas industry, we have been working with key export markets to develop local relationships with authorizing bodies, supporting them in the development of their approval process and gaining acceptance of BSI certification.