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Research and Intelligence

Market intelligence driven by cross-sector expertise and unique standards insight.

Market intelligence driven by cross-sector expertise and unique standards insight.

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Research and intelligence
Research and intelligence
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We help you plan, not react, to evolving markets by equipping you with high-quality standards intelligence, market insights, and industry research.

Our multi-disciplinary team, comprised of information specialists, data analysts, market researchers and evaluators, is the UK’s only professional research team with expertise in standards. This means we can deliver unrivalled levels of insights related to sectors and standardization around the world.

The outputs of our research are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We can develop bespoke programmes that encompass a wide range of primary and secondary research approaches, giving you meaningful insights that help you better understand and succeed in complex global markets.

Why work with us?

Our research and intelligence team works with our global network of experts across industry, academia and policy to deliver bespoke outcomes for both public and private sector organizations. We can help you:

  • Identify emerging trends and drivers that impact your sector
  • Develop and launch new products and services by understanding related standards
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in your field through insight and expertise
  • Optimize your organization’s use of standards to ensure you extract their maximum value
  • Stay up to date with industry changes that are related to your organization, including developing standards
  • Streamline your approach by better understanding how standards work together, including their relationship with legislation

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