Specifier testimonials

Aviva Insurance

As insurers, we strongly prefer to specify third-party tested products such as those covered by the new Kitemark certification scheme. That's because we know that we that we can rely on them to do the job they're designed for. The use of these products is something we would take into account as part of the risk assessment we make when deciding on premium, which means that, in appropriate circumstances, they can help homeowners to get better insurance cover.

Alistair Smith, Property Risk Manager

Birmingham City Council

After discussions with British Standards Institution, and after looking carefully at the rigorous procedures it applies in relation to Kitemark licensing, we decided that specifying the Kitemark would provide a straightforward, efficient and cost-effective solution, and that's exactly how it's worked out in practice. The units covered by the Kitemark are meeting or exceeding our requirements and expectations in every respect.

Birmingham City Council, Nick Rubery


NBS (National Building Specification)

A specification is a pivotal factor in the success of any building project, and an essential part of the design process, which is why master specification systems like NBS are used worldwide. It is also the reason that NBS select and specify Kitemark products wherever possible. As a voluntary quality mark it shows a reputable company, producing a safe and reliable product that has to be the best practice for construction specification now and in the future. Specifying Kitemark delivers peace of mind and benefits the entire supply chain from originator to end user. As part of our commitment to offer the best solutions to specification needs NBS will always select a Kitemark product wherever possible. NBS recognises that Kitemark certified products are not just tested to relevant standards but are continuously audited and the manufacturing processes are monitored to ensure quality levels are maintained.

John Gelder

Gas Distribution Network

By working in close partnership with BSI the Gas Distribution Networks benefit from BSI's expertise in standards and product certification. We take great pride in consistently delivering high standards and specifying Kitemark for all gas carrying products used on the gas distribution networks is key to enabling this. The value and importance of the Kitemark in ensuring confident purchasing decisions cannot be underestimated.

Gas Distribution Network

National Flood Forum

I would encourage all manufacturers to submit their products for Kitemark testing so that homeowners who buy them can be certain that they’re getting effective protection for their property. That way, they will hopefully never have to suffer the sort of problems I’ve experienced over the years. I believe that the Kitemark scheme, which provides an instantly recognisable indication of quality and reliability, is a big benefit all those who have a need for flood defence products.

Mary Dhonau, OBE, Chief Executive

Master Locksmiths Association

Security is a key issue and the introduction of a Kitemark scheme addressing emerging attack methods is fully supported by the Master Locksmiths Association.

Steffan C.H. George, Director of Business Development

London Housing Consortium

We strongly prefer to work with fenestration companies that have Kitemark approval, as we know they are fully competent, that they will consistently deliver work to the high standard we demand, and will back their services with dependable guarantees and after-sales support. We believe the Kitemark is an excellent indication of a company's approach to providing the best in products, service and customer support.
As a major specifier we recognise the benefits of third party certification, in particular the Kitemark scheme for enhanced security cylinders offers independent assessment of security performance, covers emerging attach methods and covers relevant European standards.

Chris Powell

Gateshead Housing Company

The BSI Kitemark for the survey and installation of windows and doors is a welcome addition to the tools available to Specifiers. By including the Kitemark for the installation service within our specification, we know that we can be confident that the companies working on our projects have been independently assessed by BSI and are fully capable of providing the highest levels of quality. This is good news for us and good news for our tenants.

Atkinson, Building Surveyor

Association of Chief Police Officers, Crime Prevention Initiatives

With the need to stay one step ahead of the thief's and the police requirements for third party certification on products, the BSI Kitemark scheme meets both SBD and the consumers needs and is fully supported by us.

Jon Cole, Licensing & Technical Manager

FOXY Lady Drivers Club

Women drivers look for trustworthy garages, quality workmanship, value for money and a warm welcome. We're professional shoppers, we know what we want and when we find it we tell our friends. To help us make the right choice an independent, customer-focused and measurable scheme, such as the new Garage Services Kitemark, is extremely helpful. Thanks to BSI, we can now identify the garages that care enough to invest in being one of Britain's best.

Steph Savill, Founder of FOXY Lady Drivers Club

Britannia Lanes of Cornwall

As Britannia Lanes are a family mover, the Kitemark confirms our quality and excellence of service, which complements our family values well. Kitemark assures our customers that we are as serious about quality of service as much as family values.

Mark Lane

Exway Coachworks

I Want the policyholder to see the Kitemark and be confident that we are a first class repairer. It's all about trust. Bodyshops that make the effort to achieve the Kitemark standard will be more trusted and viewed as being more professional.

Trevor Barefoot, Founder & MD

Fire Safe Services

The Kitemark clearly demonstrates that our company is recognised for its high values, good engineers and quality service - something that can only enhance our reputation. I would recommend the Kitemark to any company considering certification.

Louise Dowell, Director

Uni-Guard Fire Protection Ltd

The Kitemark scheme is highly trusted and respected, and gaining this award provides our customers with peace of mind and the reassurance of an excellent level of service and quality of work. It will enable us to pursue our ambitious growth plans and compete for contracts from larger companies.

Alan Wilcox, MD

Spectrum Fire Protection (UK) Ltd

In a crowded marketplace, third party certification will aid and assist our commercial drive. With relatively few companies being able to offer the prestigious Kitemark to both fire detection systems and extinguishing, Spectrum Fire Protection (UK) Ltd is able to offer added value and quality.

Paul Kerman, MD

Village Motor Company

We always expected the Kitemark Garage Services award to enhance our reputation and work volumes. Expanding our fleet business was a key aim for 2006 and the Kitemark scheme has made a real difference.

David Dell, MD

Warmseal Windows

We pride ourselves on the manufacture, delivery and installation of the highest quality products and services so that our customers are assured of a level of service unmatched by many others in the industry. In this competitive market, we must keep ahead and Kitemark certification for our products and our installation service mean we are able to completely reassure our customers, domestic and commercial, that they will receive a processional and valuable service - every time.

Kevin Taylor, MD

KPC Engineering Co Ltd

We have worked with BSI for the last 10 years and have always found them to be helpful, pro-active and professional. They are a key strategy partner n our current and future product development and in our future marketing plans, especially for our penetration of the middle and far eastern markets.

H.Sherif, MD

Kentec Electronics

Our relationship with BSI Product Services is one of the most vital to our success and continued growth.

Ray King, MD

Centurion Safety Products

Their certification if proof that we are a competent company, manufacturing high quality, fit for purpose products

Dr Jacques Forrest, Technical Director

SMP Playgrounds

Collaboration with BSI Product Services, thorough the Kitemark scheme, gives total confidence that all the necessary safety requirements have been properly considered.

Andy Yates, Technical Director