Awareness of Safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic–General guidelines for organizations

The current COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way people live and work. As the pandemic spread and began to impact different regions, many countries faced a sudden ‘lockdown’. With populations confined to their own homes, organizations of all types had to change the way they operated or shut down entirely, with little or no time to prepare. Following the initial global crisis, a potential cycle is emerging: outbreaks are controlled, and restrictions are eased, new clusters of cases emerge, and restrictions need to be reintroduced

The objective of this course is to provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of Safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic - Guidelines for organization.

The guideline specifies requirements the organizations should look into amid returning to work.

Who should attend?

  • Top management of organizations
  • Employees tasked with leading the efforts to control the work environment during the pandemic
  • Any individual involved in the safe return to work programmes set by their organization

What will I learn?

  • Demonstrate awareness of the key aspects of the guideline
  • Explain the Plan-Do-Check-Act principle imbedded within the guideline
  • Explain the framework of the assessment of risks
  • Describe the planning requirements of the guideline

How will I benefit?

  • Provide your organization with the requirements needed to ensure a safe work environment
  • Offer vital elements to protect the wellbeing of employees and visitors at the work place
  • Present the understanding of the needs of the organization during these tiring times
  • Help the organization create a focused approach to preventing illness amongst the employees

What is included?

  • Detailed course notes 
  • On completion, you'll be awarded an internationally recognized BSI Training Academy certificate