BS 13500 - Effective Governance of Organizations

All organizations need rules and a defined sense of direction and purpose. Effective governance allows more control to owners, offers employees a clear idea of their role, while those outside the organization have a better informed view of how it operates. This standard has been created to raise the bar in terms of how your organization is governed by offering a framework that continuously improves and assesses its development.

What is BS 13500?

As the first British Standard for governance, BS 13500 focuses on effective structures, relationships and accountability, as well as guidance on how organizations can illustrate good governance. Aimed at mitigating the risk of poor governance, the standard is a powerful baseline which can be used to implement and ensure effective governance. It is intended to be used as a basic checklist to ensure that all elements of a good governance system are in place.

What are the benefits of BS 13500?

BS 13500 allows you to:
  • Offer your business direction and focus through effective organizational governance
  • Give decision-making processes greater structure
  • Make better decisions with greater focus on financial impacts 
  • Build credibility and trust with employees and customers
  • Demonstrate best practice and protect your stakeholders