How well managed is your supply chain?

Many businesses have long and often complex supply chains that rely on a network of suppliers. Having your company aligned to one of these suppliers, or having your reputation damaged due to unforeseen circumstances, is not a risk worth taking. That’s why it’s imperative to quantify supply chain risk for your team globally, so you can trade with confidence, mitigate risk and build lasting resilience.We offer a sophisticated range of supply chain security tools and a network of experts around the world. We can help you evaluate your overall supply chain risk as well as the potential risks that specific suppliers may face. The combination of our tools and our network of security assessment professionals gives us a unique global reach and effectiveness.At the heart of BSI Supply Chain Solution is our exclusive and unrivalled ability to model supply chain risks. We have pioneered the most comprehensive, scientifically rigorous and user-focused supply chain risk analysis tools and services available today.