Vulnerability assessments

A vulnerability assessment is an automated assessment designed to identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT systems.

Vulnerability assessments are performed using our industry standard scanning tools and systems. Performing vulnerability scans will help ensure that known vulnerabilities in your system are identified and addressed in a timely manner, reducing your organization’s risk exposure to an acceptable level.

How does a vulnerability assessment differ from a penetration test?

A vulnerability assessment differs from a penetration test as it is performed by an automated solution which typically does not include manual testing. 

Leveraging periodic assessments

Assessments can be performed on a periodic basis to ensure that you receive continuous updates on your information-security-posture and remain compliant with industry security standards where applicable e.g. PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard)

Vulnerability assessments can be performed against both your internal and external infrastructure and are designed to produce a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and associated solutions. Unlike most vulnerability assessments, we perform a peer review of all vulnerabilities identified. This ensures that the recommended solutions are tailored to your needs and that false positives are prioritized before reports are released.

Following an assessment, our consultants will provide a technical report with detailed findings and recommended resolutions as well as a management summary.