Preparing for growth

Preparing for growth

Take the next step on your journey to certification with a BSI Gap Assessment

Take the next step on your journey to certification with a BSI Gap Assessment

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Gap assessment
Gap assessment
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A gap assessment provides you with a risk-free method of assessing your current situation against future goals. Typically, this is based on using national and international standards to improve your organization’s performance.

With a BSI gap assessment, you get the expertise of an independent auditor to take a closer look at your existing processes and procedures. This is then benchmarked against the requirements of the standard you want to achieve.

This gives your organization a view of any potential oversights or weaknesses, so you can take the appropriate action. It’s also a good introduction to more formal auditing and gives your team the opportunity to understand what a certification audit will entail.

Is it for me?

You can benefit from a gap assessment if any of the below apply to you:

  • You’re thinking about achieving certification, but don’t know where to start
  • You’ve read a BS or ISO standard and you want to implement it
  • You’ve started implementing a management system and want to measure your progress
  • You’ve already achieved certification to one or more management systems, and would like to achieve another

 You don’t need to have implemented a management system before undertaking a gap assessment. In fact, it can help you prepare your implementation plan or brief a consultant.

The benefits of a BSI gap assessment

A BSI gap assessment can help you:

  • Identify opportunities to improve your management processes, so you can take the right action to drive performance
  • Give your stakeholders confidence in your organization’s readiness for attaining the standard and achieving certification
  • Clarify the effort needed to achieve your desired standard using our independent observations, so you can plan resources, brief your team and get it right first time

How it works:

  • The gap assessment can be undertaken remotely or at your chosen location – remote audits can provide greater flexibility, particularly if you want to move quickly
  • We’ll review your processes and information to identify potential gaps against the requirements of your chosen standard
  • You’ll receive a detailed written report, so you know what actions to take to get closer to your goal