ISO 50001 Energy Management System: Masterclass

This masterclass will provide you with knowledge and skills to implement, maintain and improve the more challenging technical aspects of an energy management system (EnMS) based on ISO 50001.

Using short presentations, discussions, self-reflection and classroom activities, this masterclass will delve into deeper technical areas, requirements and concepts than would be covered in an ISO 50001 Lead Implementer training course.

An expert BSI tutor will be on hand to facilitate discussions, draw insights and experiences among the class. This will bring to life the concepts for designing and maintaining an EnMS to achieve sustained success. It will enable you to maximize the applicability of your learning from the masterclass to your workplace.

The masterclass will cover the context of the organization and advanced energy-centric topics such as energy review, energy baselines (EnB), energy performance (EnP) and indicators (EnPI), opportunities to improve and measurements required.

You’ll learn how to revitalise internal audit programmes so that they become effective motivational tools and ultimately result in energy performance improvements.

How will I benefit?

This masterclass will help you to:

  • Use analysis to develop organizational context
  • Integrate ISO 50001 into business processes and EnP improvements
  • Understand how to analyze and address risks as well as create opportunities
  • Scrutinize EnP data analysis methods
  • Analyse EnB, EnPIs, energy objectives and targets, monitoring and performance measurement
  • Use a step-by-step approach to identify, quantify and prioritize EnP improvement opportunities