Search tips

A search of the complete BSI website can be initiated from any page on the site.  The search box is located at the top right hand corner of each page.  Standard numbers, keywords and phrases can be used.  Once you enter your search terms simply press "search" or hit return.

You can also choose to only search through items available in the BSI Shop navigate to the BSI Shop using the top navigation bar.  Then select "Standards & Publications" on the left hand side.  A search box will appear at the center of the page which will only search the shop products.

A list of results that match your search terms will be shown.  The list is displayed in order of relevance.  An error message will appear if no results have been found for your search terms. 

If you see the page that you require simply click on the link to that area.

Search tips

  • The search engine is not case sensitive
    You may enter BS 25999 or bs 25999 to gain the same results
  • The search engine is space sensitive - standard numbers should contain spaces between each of its components. 
    For example please enter bs en iso 9001 not bseniso9001.
  • The results list is ordered on relevancy - this takes into account how many times your search term(s) appear on the page and also where they appear.
    For example a page with you search term in its title will appear more relevant that the term appear in the main text of the page.

Refining your search

Often a search will bring more results than you can quickly scan through.  When this happens there are a number of ways to filter your results.

  • Adding more search terms
    Once you have concluded an initial search, a new search box appears in the middle of the results list page.  Adding search terms in this box runs the search within only the first set of answers.
  • "Refine your search" box on the left hand side of the page
    Once a search has been run, the system will automatically categorize the results by a number of criteria.   The criteria that appear after your search will depend on the results found.  The most relevant criteria are automatically selected after each search and so can change as you refine your search. See below for definitions of the various criteria.  To filter by a selected criteria, simply click on the criteria title.
  • Removing any search terms or search refinements
    All search terms and filters that you have applied within a particular search will appear until the search box.  To remove one of them, click on the blue x next to it.

Refining criteria definitions

  • Result type
    This indicates the type of pages that have been found and include:
    Standards & Publications - these are pages from BSI Shop where you can purchase a standard or publication
    Press Releases / News - Press releases and news from BSI
    Information & Services - these include all pages from the site except from BSI Shop and press releases.
  • Services
    This categorizes the results by the various services that BSI provides - such as assessment, certification and product testing.
  • Disciplines
    This categorizes the results by various multi-industry sector relevant disciplines - such as quality management and risk management.
  • Industry sectors
    This categorizes the results by industry sector - such as manufacturing and construction.
  • Status
    This categorizes any results which are standards by their status - such as withdrawn, draft and current.
  • Module
    This categorizes any results which are standards by the modules used in British Standards Online (BSOL).
  • ICS Classification
    This categorizes any results which are standards by the International Classification System which is regulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  For more information about ISo or the ICS please go to their website -