CIPS Corporate Certification Standard

CIPS Corporate Certification Standard

The framework for effectively managing and improving your procurement activity

The framework for effectively managing and improving your procurement activity

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CIPS Corporate Certification Standard

Managing procurement effectively can help your organization perform at its best.  CIPS Corporate Certification Standard gives you the framework to help you demonstrate that your organization has the procurement and supply policies, strategies, procedures and processes to achieve Corporate Certification. CIPS Corporate Certification assesses an organisation’s procurement and supply operations against a globally respected standard and it provides a pathway to procurement excellence.

What is CIPS Corporate Certification Standard?

Meeting the Standard shall demonstrate that if the procurement policies, strategies, procedures and processes are fully adopted by an organisation it will provide good practice and consistent ways of working; this should also reduce the likelihood of any fraudulent activities within procurement and its supply chain.

The Standard is a compilation of criteria under five Dimensions which are:

  • Dimension 1-  Leadership and Organisation
  • Dimension 2 - Strategy
  • Dimension 3 - People
  • Dimension 4 - Processes and Systems (Sourcing & Post-Contract Management)
  • Dimension 5 - Performance Management

Who is it relevant to?

CIPS Corporate Certification Standard has been designed for organisations in any sector  and any part of the world. The standard is particularly suitable where there is need to display operational efficiency and manage supplier performance and risk.   Also where providing a superior value proposition to all customer groups through best-in-class purchasing. 


Certifying your procurement activity against the CIPS Standard can bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • Create better ways of working, efficiency savings and lower your costs
  • Build stronger stakeholder relationships that help boost your reputation and credibility
  • Independently verifies that your organizational risks are properly identified, assessed and managed, while formalizing procurement processes, procedures and documentation
  • The regular assessment process helps you to continually monitor your performance and make improvements, if necessary
  • Build staff morale through engagement and empowerment

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Why choose BSI?

We pioneered standards more than 100 years ago and today we’re the market leader. We help over 80,000 clients ranging from top global brands to small ambitious businesses in 172 countries worldwide to gain an edge over their competition. As one of the few organizations that understands standards from start to finish, we don’t only assess how well you’re meeting them, we create new standards from scratch and train teams globally to use them and perform better. Our knowledge can transform your organization.