Road to Net Zero. Terminology and Principles

This training course is designed to outline the principles, language and the steps your organization can take on the road to net zero. If you’re a non-sustainability senior professional eager to understand what the road to net zero involves, this is for you.

During this two-hour course, you will learn the steps to begin your carbon neutral journey on the road to net zero. You will develop your knowledge of the relevant legal, regulatory and supply chain factors that influence an organization’s ability to get there. 

As your partner in learning, we will provide interactive course materials and online resources to put what you learn into context. You will leave with a strong understanding of recommended next steps, including the key decisions around independent 3rd party verification or validation to PAS 2060. 

How will I benefit?

  • Gain the confidence to talk about the road to net zero with your colleagues and external stakeholders
  • Develop foundational knowledge you can build on 
  • Receive an internationally recognized BSI training academy certificate of attendance