BSI and TISAX: Driving excellence in automotive cybersecurity through rigorous standards

Assessment to TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is increasingly being recognized, and in some cases, required by automakers, to improve cyber defenses, and inspire digital trust throughout the automotive supply chain and in consumers.

BSI is at the forefront as a TISAX® approved audit provider and is a global leader in standards and assurance solutions for the automotive sector.

Information security is crucial in the automotive industry for maintaining quality and safety. Utilizing a universal assessment and exchange mechanism to securely share data with manufacturers can elevate your position in the automotive supply chain through the TISAX® label, inspiring confidence along the way.

The independently assessed scheme provides a vigorous, methodical approach to assuring the security and exchange of data. It ensures that suppliers, partners, and service providers to car giants, such as VW, BMW, and, and its brands, implement up to 114 controls relating to the privacy and security of data being held and shared.

TISAX® benefits: 

  • Inspire confidence and trust across your automotive supply chain
  • Provide business development opportunities and connections thanks to its industry-wide recognition
  • Facilitate the renewal of existing supplier contracts
  • Provide efficiencies for both manufacturers and suppliers

TISAX supports the safer integration of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. It has a vital role in helping to build capability in the digital space, open the door to new technologies, and accelerate adoption while assuring information integrity and resilience in global supply chains.

How BSI can help support obtaining your TISAX® label

By achieving a TISAX® label with BSI, OEMs will maintain appropriate information security measures based on the sensitivity of the information they handle. Proper training is imperative and our experts make all the difference. There are many different learning options to choose from to meet everyone’s needs, as well as this guide to help you get started with TISAX®.

BSI offers a powerful blend of automotive sector and information security expertise and is a global leader in standards and assurance solutions for the automotive sector and leads the way in information and cybersecurity standards, assurance, and consulting. Connect with us today to drive your TISAX® journey forward.

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