BSI Group America Inc. Launches “SCREEN”, an Exclusive, Real Time, Web-based Supply Chain Security Intelligence Tool

Press release - Reston VA - April 5, 2011

Every four days there is a terrorist attack on the global supply chain. Criminal syndicates and smugglers exploit gaps in the supply chain to steal and engage in illicit trade.  Governments world-wide are asking businesses to apply higher levels of diligence to suppliers’ security practices and chain of custody controls. Managing risk and securing trade in the face of both dynamic threats and shifting compliance requirements is demanding, and it requires reliable and in-depth intelligence. BSI Group America Inc (BSI) introduces the Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN), a web-based intelligence tool for supply chain security. Debuted on April 5, 2011 at BSI’s Global Supply Chain Security Summit, SCREEN offers the most complete, publically available supply chain security intelligence data and analysis resource.  

SCREEN presents unique, proprietary risk data and BSI-generated analysis related to global supply chain security risk exposure as well as trade and compliance information available for over 200 countries. BSI’s threat analysis and security countermeasure recommendations in areas such as in-transit security, supplier minimum-security criteria, and cargo chain-of-custody controls helps SCREEN users to identify and understand supply chain security threats and develop tailored approaches to improve business continuity and compliance.
The terrorist threat to the supply chain is real. Consider the following statements made by security and trade experts at the Global Supply Chain Security Summit on April 5, 2011.

….Over 600 supply chain terrorism attacks have occurred since 2004.

….Supply chain terrorism attacks have occurred in at least 32 countries.

….Global commercial losses due to counterfeiting are estimated at $500 billion.

SCREEN provides users the ability to create and sustain a global risk-based supply chain security program.  Dan Purtell, Sr. Vice President - BSI, Supply Chain Security Solutions states, “With more than 90% of corporate losses occurring while goods are in-transit, and 80% of un-manifested contraband being introduced once cargo leaves a facility, it is critical to tier security based on threat level.  SCREEN quantifies in-country and in-transit risk with unequaled precision and allows for risk based inspection targeting and threat identification.”
There are significant benefits to be realized from the SCREEN Intelligence tool.

  • SCREEN subscribers gain exclusive access to country information and can download country-specific reports in several focus areas: supply chain terrorism; cargo disruption; and business and political climate. 
  • SCREEN also generates real-time trade interruption, cargo theft, and contraband and smuggling updates.
  • SCREEN Spotlight News includes media on supply chain security-related incidents worldwide.
  • SCREEN and BSI’s Supply Chain Manager can be bundled to offer a full featured solution to manage risk and supplier assessments.

The U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program now recommends a five-step risk assessment process for which U.S. Customs and Border Patrol lists over two dozen intelligence sources that participants use as the basis for incorporating risk into supplier assessments.  Using the same technology and intelligence protocols that certain U.S. government bureaus currently employ, SCREEN is also an ideal supply chain intelligence tool for customs administrations; agencies involved in border security, intelligence, and licensing; and government offices involved in regulating trade.  Users receive a comprehensive, single-source supply chain security resource for capturing vital intelligence in areas such as anti-Western and supply chain terrorism, transportation modality and un-manifested cargo introduction exposure, and piracy.