BSI VerifEye Directory

About the Directory

The BSI VerifEye Directory is a client directory that helps BSI certified clients to showcase the credentials of their organization globally to win more business.

We know there are issues with procuring services from organizations overseas and there are market concerns about false claims and misleading supplier profiles. Large global organizations risk reputational damage if they cannot verify all their suppliers in the chain.

Procurement professionals can find it extremely difficult to source new suppliers or differentiate real supplier facilities from agents, intermediaries. Supply chains are complex and fragmented. As a result visibility, transparency and trust is low.

As BSI has conducted audits at our clients’ premises, we can be confident they are real companies at real locations providing extra reassurance.

The BSI VerifEye Directory was developed to support the adoption of PAS 7000 – Supply Chain Risk Management, a supply chain pre-qualification framework that supports procurement activity for businesses of all sizes, all sectors and across the globe.

Who’s on the Directory and how do you get on there?

BSI clients who have been certified against any of the management system or product certification standards will be listed on the directory.

Simply search by certificate number, company name, location or standard number. You can then refine your search by drilling down by other facets. There are two profiles: the Basic Profile and the Verified profile.

The Basic Profile comprises the company details, contact information and BSI certificates held.

The Verified Profile comprises, in addition to the above, 28 sources of information derived from PAS 7000 Organization Profile and Capabilities & Capabilities modules including: site photographs verified by the BSI Auditor, other system and product certifications, site information such as size of warehouse or storage facilities, years of operation, key export markets, output/manufacturing capacity and a map to confirm the location.

For those who want to enhance their profile credentials even further, can adopt the full PAS 7000 verification in addition to other ISO Management systems standards which provides even more reassurance on a supplier’s capabilities, credentials, product and process compliance to international standards.

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