Supply chain verification auditing service - VerifEye

In 2013, BSI conducted over 167,000 assessments globally. BSI Supply Chain Verification Auditing Service, VerifEye, enables organizations to gain complete visibility into their suppliers’ practices worldwide. Audits are infused with BSI’s proprietary risk data and analysis to provide you with a holistic risk-based audit report. Our intelligence enriched audits supply you with the information you need to better understand who your suppliers are and how they are operating. Our experienced in-country auditors will confirm that your suppliers’ business information, policies and procedures are in line with your organizations requirements and objectives.

BSI’s Supply Chain Verification Auditing Service equips your organization with the information you need to effectively manage your supply chain and enterprise risk. BSI Audits give you cost-effective assurance that your suppliers are not exposing your brand to potential security, social responsibility or business continuity risks.

BSI Audits include C-TPAT and Supply Chain Security, Social Responsibility, Environmental, EHS, Quality, Conflict Minerals, Business Continuity, FCPA and Anti-Bribery, and many more.