CEN Mark

The CEN MARK Scheme for thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) provides the most recognisable third party endorsement of a manufacturer's commitment to meeting the requirements contained in the European Standard EN 215 and HD 1215.

Rigorous examination and testing

As such, manufacturers are required to submit samples of TRVs to rigorous examination and testing by one of the scheme's recognised test laboratories and to operate a quality system to ensure consistent quality in production.

Samples taken from production are submitted for type testing to confirm full compliance with the material, design and construction, functional, dimensional and marking requirements specified in the relevant EN Standard. A test report is issued detailing the results of all tests performed on the product.

BSI - the UK's certifying participating member

BSI is the UK's certifying participating member for the scheme. Application for the right of the use of the CENCER Mark may be made through BSI product certification.

BSI arranges the assessment of the manufacturer's quality system to ensure that all TRVs consistently meet the standard required. Where a manufacturer already holds an accredited ISO 9000 certificate for the manufacture of TRVs, this can be taken into account during BSI's assessment.