Developing a PAS to meet an immediate market need

Developing a PAS

To fulfil an immediate market need we can help you lead the development of a standard called a PAS (Public Available Specification). Developing a PAS is a much quicker process than developing a British Standard.

Once the organisation sponsoring the new standard gives the go ahead, BSI does research looking for other related standards and professional information outside the standards arena, such as current best practice. At the same time we give the sponsor’s technical contributors expert coaching on how to draft standards and best practice documents.

Then, together, we formalise the scope of the document and form the steering group. This typically has between eight and twelve active participants, including technical experts on the subject matter. Once the steering group has finalised its initial contribution, we provide editorial input, and then circulate the first draft to a wider review panel of 20 to 150 professionals, including groups such as formal standards committees, government departments, relevant trade and industry associations, and consumer groups.

We collate all the review panel’s comments and report back to the steering group, which decides which ones should be incorporated into the specification. Then we give final editorial consultancy, and it’s ready to be published as a PAS.  The standard has all the credibility that comes from going through a rigorous process which is overseen by BSI.  Download PAS 0 to find out more about the process of developing a PAS.

After two years, a PAS can go forward to become a formal British Standard if we and the sponsoring organisation think it’s a good idea.

Is a PAS the right solution for you?

If you think you could benefit from a PAS being developed then please contact Jonathon Moyce on: